Eight celebrities with food allergies

Having an allergy absolutely does not mean that you cannot have fun. Below we’ve collated some celebrities with food allergies.  Hopefully, the below will provide you with inspiration. You too can have a brilliant life with a food allergy.


Nut allergy 

Serena Williams 

First of all, we have Serena Williams. Proving you can still be super fit with an allergy Serena Williams is allergic to nuts. Her allergy clearly does not impact her brilliant tennis.


Nut allergy

Mason Kardashian 

Kourtney Kardashian’s son had to be rushed to hospital after eating peanuts.  Mason threw up and developed hives after eating the snack. If your child has a food allergy you’re simply keeping up with the Kardashians!



Miley Cyrus 

Pop singer Miley Cyrus is allergic to cinnamon. Ironically it seems as though she still loves cinnamon candles because of their smell. However, she definitely can’t eat cinnamon without her skin breaking out.



Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea has an allergy to gluten and is also vegetarian. She, therefore, decided to cater her New York Wedding with gluten-free and vegetarian food. This ensured she didn’t have any reactions on her big day. As a result, she even enjoyed a gluten-free wedding cake.



Lionel Ritchie

Lionel Ritchie doesn’t drink any milk due to his allergy. He even encourages his friends to give up dairy. Lionel has bloating and other issues if he drinks milk.



Novak Djokovic 

It seems as though this star tennis player avoids eating gluten-based foods. Djokovic has said he thinks going gluten-free has improved his game.  He credits giving up gluten with being able to beat  Nadal, four times in 2011.



Halle Berry

Best known as a”Bond girl” Berry also reportedly has a shellfish allergy. Unlike other food allergies, a shellfish allergy sometimes doesn’t develop until you’re an adult. Not having it as a child doesn’t mean you won’t get it later in life.


Eggs, Dairy and Gluten 

Zooey Deschanel

Last of all we have New Girl actress and singer Zooey Deschanel who isn’t new to living with allergies. Zooey is reportedly allergic to eggs, dairy, and gluten. Deschanel recently took to Twitter to vent about her allergies. She wrote, “My allergy pill to cups of coffee ration is WAY off today. WAY OFF, you guys.”


Finally, is there anyone you’d like to add to the list? Let us know about other celebrities with allergies! Also do check out our top five food allergy myths post! 

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