Children and food allergies

Recently I had the chance to speak with the lovely Emma from Free From Farmhouse. We talked all about her life with food allergic children. I hope you enjoy the interview.

Hi Emma! First of all, can you tell us a bit about you?

Hi! I am a travel loving, country living mum of two allergic mini adventurers. My blog is called Free From FarmhouseIt is about raising a family with food allergies. I’ve got a book coming out next year to help others. I am also co-founder of Allergy Travels Allergy Travels helps people travel the world safely with food allergies.

What’s your favourite restaurant to eat out at and why?

These days it is Pizza Express. Just because it is one of the only places I trust where both my children can enjoy a three-course kids’ menu. They are also easy to go to when we are travelling. We are also really impressed with the Rainforest Cafe.

Do you have any top tips for eating out with food allergies? 

Do your research. Look online at allergy menus and call up.  Don’t assume. Take a backup, especially for dessert. Dessert is often the trickiest and no child wants to miss out on a sweet treat! Also, wipe down highchairs and surfaces.

What’s your experience of food allergies in the UK? 

The allergy information is excellent compared to many countries. We label the top 14 allergens on packaged foods. There is a little backlash against so many special diets. So make sure you are clear about the severity of your allergies. Cary a chef card to make it easier. This is particularly helpful if you have a less common allergy.

Finally, what’s your favorite allergy friendly recipe?

My top recipe is my vegan chocolate cake. We make it for every birthday and celebration. It’s so easy and people always comment how delicious it is. Noone ever suspects it’s free from anything! Check it out on Free From Farmhouse

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