MealPal review

So what is MealPal?

MealPal comes from the US. Put simply it lets you pay upfront for office lunches in London so that you can save money.

They reckon they can save you up to £620 a year on meals. You buy a bundle of 12 or 20 lunches at a time; they cost £4.39 or £4.79 respectively. You have 30 days to use the packages, and they are only redeemable during weekdays.

Once you’ve ordered, you simply go and pick your lunch up. You even get to skip the queues so you’re saving time and money!

So how well do they cater for dietary requirements?

There is a huge variety of restaurants. From Coco di Mama to Yo Sushi to Crussh you’ll never run out of choice. You discover some fun restaurants that aren’t chains.


We were less than impressed by how well MealPal caters for dietary requirements. If you have a food allergy, we won’t advise you trying MealPal. This is as there is no option to tell restaurants that you have an allergy. Additionally, there are no dishes that marked as allergy safe. At the moment you can see what ingredients are in each dish but nothing beyond that.

When you set up you have the option to say if you are vegetarian. I selected vegetarian however meat options were still suggested to me. You can also select which foods you like and dislike. Yet again foods that I disliked were still suggested to me.

MealPal is a great idea. We really hope it catches on. However, they need to improve their allergy offering. MealPal currently say they are looking into offering vegan meals so we hope they get a move on with catering for more people!

Let us know if you’ve tried something similar with allergies and how you got on!

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