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Blackbird Cafe – Berkshire

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The café is run by Lara Cook (she recently took over from the previous owners) and emphasizes fresh and local food. It’s a business that emphasizes the local community and this clearly shows through their awareness of allergies. On the pastry country (the scariest place for anyone with a food allergy) there was clear signage as to the different kinds of milk available (oat, almond, soy and dairy).

There was also an allergy sign next to the window saying to ask if we had any allergies. We spoke to Lara and she walked us through what we could eat.

There were lots of gluten free options to have as well as vegetarian and vegan options. We all felt really confident eating there and there was something for everyone.



4 reviews for Blackbird Cafe – Berkshire

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  4. Charlotte

    Awesome at dealing with my dairy allergy

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