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Cafe Football

Allergy Out says:

Overall, these guys are pretty good at dealing with allergies. This could be down to the fact that they offer simple fare which centers around Burgers, Pizza and Booze. The menu is also short and wine-bar-ish.

There is little mention of allergies on their menu other than the menu saying that halal food and gluten free burger buns and pasta are available on request. They don’t even indicate which dishes are vegetarian and which aren’t which is unusal for a London resturant.

Service is warm and friendly. Staff will do their best to help you out allthough be warned that if you go along on match day you might have less of their attention!






1 review for Cafe Football

  1. Oliver

    No problems at all with my nut allergy. These guys are ‘on-the-ball’ on the allergy front!

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