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Jamie’s Italian

Celebrity chef’s relaxed Italian chain, with rustic menu and antipasti bar.


1 review for Jamie’s Italian

  1. Alexandra – Gluten free

    I had a gluten free meal at Jamie’s in Stratford. My meal consisted of sweet potatoes fries and the classic superfoods salad.
    When I ordered my food the server didn’t know if it was gluten free or not. He did say he would check and if it wasn’t gluten freee he could make it gluten free.
    My meal arrived and the gluten issue wasn’t brought up again. I’m giving Jamie’s three stars as the manager wasn’t brought over to take my order, I didn’t see an allergy meal and I didn’t feel 100% sure that the meal was gluten free.
    The meal itself was delicious although I did feel as though it was let down by the sweet potatoe fries which were cold.

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