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Pain Quotidien

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Le Pain Quotidien has a clear allergen menu which you look at here. They don’t have many gluten-free options and we wouldn’t really advice eating there if you are gluten free as there is a real danger of cross-contamination due to the amount of gluten in their kitchen. For all other allergies, they do a really good job. They use vegan to mean plant-based, not vegan so that’s something to be aware of when eating at one of their restaurants.



1 review for Pain Quotidien

  1. Alexandra

    I visited the Pain Quotidian in St Pauls. I went for the vegan chilli sin carne, a cup of chai tea and the vegan and passion fruit cake. The chilli sin carne was great although I was told they only had dairy yoghurt left and so it was served with that and a side of butter- not exactly vegan. I then asked for a vegan cake. When I asked for it I was told it was not actually a vegan cake and that it was just called that for marketing purposes.
    The whole thing was so odd and really dangerous for someone with a dairy or egg allergy. Please be aware that for Pain Quotidian vegan does not mean vegan it just means something that is plant based! Not quite what vegan means at all!

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