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Pizza Express

PizzaExpress restaurants serve up tasty Italian pizzas, pastas, salads and delicious desserts which you can either enjoy in  their restaurants across the country or within the comfort of your own home.






5 reviews for Pizza Express

  1. Rhianne – glutenfreehii

    I love that pizza express are a chain that I can trust as I know I always have a back-up restaurant if I am out and get caught out! They are accredited by the coeliac society which also gives me some piece of mind whilst eating there.
    They have a great range of gluten free meals, from pizza to pasta but I do think there desserts and starters are pretty poor.
    The staff are not the best either, I often ask what ingredients are gluten-free and they don’t always fill me with confidence so I always ask to see the allergy book or speak with the chef. The pizzas are really nice and have a nice crispy base. It is a little annoying how you pay the same amount as the “gluten full pizzas” but they are a lot smaller which I think is a little unfair. Overall I will continue to eat out at pizza express as they are really handy as they seem to be everywhere!!

  2. Katie – Vegan and Soy Allergy

    Pizza Express is great with any allergy or dietary restriction. Their website has fulled detailed allergy information. Extremely suitable for vegans and specifically vegans with a soy allergy.

  3. Ann – Soya allergy

    The staff are extremely allergy-aware and an allergen list is available on request. I have eaten at various branches of Pizza Express quite a lot and have never had a reaction. It’s one of the few restaurants where I don’t feel nervous about eating.

  4. Alexandra – Vegan

    Although there is slightly limited choice for Vegans I loved the inclusion of dairy free coconut ice-cream on the menu. Staff are knowledgable and there are a wide-range of gluten free items available if you want to go gluten free. Overall, I always feel safe eating out here!

  5. Ollie – Nut allergy

    As a chain, Pizza Express is one of the safer choices for eating out with an allergy thanks to their detailed allergy menu and well informed staff members. I felt reassured on my visit and would visit the restaurant in the future.

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