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7 victory parade,

East village,

London E20 1FS



3 reviews for Signorelli

  1. Katherine

    Having recently visited Signorelli, they are very clear about allergies, their kitchen could have cross contamination and they don’t recommend dinner with severed nut allergies to consume baked goods. All their labels however have clear allergens marked and the staff even gave a clear hand book. Can’t ask much more of an artisan bakery!

  2. Alexandra – Vegan

    I love Signorelli! They have the best vegan and gluten free treats. I also think the staff are all lovely and very willing to have a chat about anything you may need.

  3. Ollie – Nut allergy

    I have always been too afraid to actually eat at Signorelli with a nut allergy. For this reason I’ve given them two stars. The kitchen seems very chaotic with lots of nuts and nut oriented dishes. There appears to be significant potential for cross contamination and I’ve never found the staff very reassuring on an allergy basis, although they are always very friendly and welcoming.

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