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Tina We Salute You

Trendy white-walled cafe with regularly changing murals inside and out, and work by local artists.

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2 reviews for Tina We Salute You

  1. Alexandra – Vegan

    I had a delicious avocado on beigel! The staff seemed very very friendly although I was a bit worried about cross-contamination as everything did seem a bit disorganised. The coffee was great and I had an almond milk flat white. My favorite!

  2. Ollie – Nut allergy

    I visited Tina We Salute You on a busy Saturday morning. I told the waiter about my nut allergy and he walked me through available options on the breakfast menu. After choosing the avocado toast with bacon on sourdough, the waiter checked with the chef on the ingredients, before placing my order. The staff seemed knowledgeable about allergies and very friendly. Feel comfortable eating there and would recommend (also super tasty!).

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