Travellin​g with a food allergy

Travelling abroad is fun but can be a bit stressful if you have a serious food allergy. We have put together a few tips on travelling abroad with food allergies based off of our personal experience.

Food on planes

You should always inform the airline of your food allergy ahead of your flight. To be ultra-careful, it is best to take your own food onto the plane.  However, airlines should be able to prepare a special meal catering for your allergy requirements. Even if you’ve informed the airline make sure the staff are aware of your allergy and special meal ahead of take-off. On one trip despite informing the airline about my allergy the staff forgot my specially prepared meals. It’s not fun eating cheese and crackers for 12+ hours on a flight.

Do read our post on flying with an allergy for more information. 

Epipens + medications

Don’t forget your Epipen (and your spare Epipen) on your holiday!  Make sure your Epipen’s are well in-date and keep them in your hand luggage in case the airline loses your luggage. It’s also a good idea to take antihistamine tablets in case you need them.


Check your accommodation is made aware of your allergy ahead of arrival and are prepared to cater for allergic guests. This is especially important if you are staying in a remote location and the hotel food is your only choice!

Navigating the language barrier

Google Translate is an essential resource when travelling abroad, and especially important if you have allergies. Have stock phrases such as “I am allergic to X’ and details of your allergy translated into the local language saved offline on your phone. Write down the phrases on paper too in case you lose your phone or run out of battery.

If you can, try to memorise appropriate phrases in the local language. Just like in the UK, foods served without sauces are likely to be of lower risk.

Do you have any tips for travelling abroad with food allergies? Let us know!

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